I’m a(n) UX/Web/Mobile Developer and Designer, who loves to work with creative projects.

Currently pushing code at Brasil/CT, and over the years I have worked with awesome companies like Visa, Avon, Disney, Kopenhagen, and others. I’m enthusiast about open-source projects, and Creator of Front-End Brasil in Slack.

In last years I focused in Web & Mobile apps, solving problems and delivering better experience to user mainly in e-commerces and Native/Web apps. I'm also Founder of 2Frame, where I develop personal projects and for some brands like Planet Girls, Mondelez, Visual Cue, etc.
I love collaborative and challenging projects, where I can learn and use new stacks, tools, or just a code optimization.

Somethings about me:

• 10+ years of “guy of the internet”
• Strong skills in HTML / CSS / Javascript
• Focused in User Experience
• Responsive Web Design and Progressive Web Apps *Fanatic*
• Hands-on and Self Learned
• Solid UX/UI Design skills
• Amateur Foosball Player, yeah 😃
• Experience with agile methodologies (Kanban/Scrum)
• Strongest skills: Git, Responsive Web Design, Cross Browser/Device, Sass/Stylus/Less, Search Engine Optimization and Web Performance Optimization, Angular 4, Java (Android), Webpack/Gulp/Grunt, Project Management, Web Analytics, Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch